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A retaining wall block is both a practical and aesthetic solution for many homeowners and not only. As a matter of fact, such a structure is mostly common in nicely enhanced places, such as public gardens and park. To make you get the view and understand a retaining wall block better, it is a solid build that holds the soil from the lateral side, whenever there is a major change in elevation. For instance, going in a park and seeing a stone wall your height, with flowers and gardens going up from there - that is a retaining wall block. The most common materials for such structures are concrete and stone. Stone is however most common since it comes with a very natural look. According to many sources, concrete block retaining walls are the most appealing ones.

Anyway, although it seems like a complicated work, how would you like to know how to build such a wall yourself? You probably think it's a professional worker's job, but that's wrong. With a bit of luck and some extra ambition, anyone can come up with an excellent looking retaining wall block for their garden. First of all, you need to identify the height you want for your wall. Keep in mind that for heights bigger than 1 m, you might need a permit, even if it's your property. However, higher walls are also harder to be built by a regular homeowner. Gather the stones you will use. They should be quite flat and also, pretty heavy. The heavier they are, the more successful and resistant your retaining wall block is. Block retaining walls may need a little more work but they are amazing.

The working principle is easy. You won't get the soil away and then build the wall. You will build the wall in the soil. So you will need to decide on the line of the wall and mark it in the soil. Then, start digging on it. Remember that a solid retaining wall block width should be about half the length. Make sure you dig until the bottom; you don't want a wall based on a layer of soil. After every layer of stones, you need a layer of mortar. Basically, it is an easy building operation just that it is made between two areas of soil.

In order to get an elegant look for your retaining wall block, you might like to use similar stones. You can purchase them from any construction shop and you may even get discounts if you got a higher quantity. Similar looking stones obviously require more attention. On the other hand, using random stones for your retaining wall block gives you more possibilities. Basically, when it comes to retaining wall blocks, you can play a little. Get the stones randomly and even if you cannot align them perfectly, it's not the end of the world. After all, random walls are made with random stones. Once your work is ready, you can eliminate the exterior soil. Also, it might be a good idea to get some plants in the soil, to fix it better. Leaving it as it is, without any improvements, doesn't really help you with the look of your garden.

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